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The Right Decision, The Right Action, The Right Outcome

One system for all events

No matter what type of event strikes, your people have to react properly, as many lives depend upon them. Improve by rehearsing and measuring results. iXSIEX provides you with the means to achieve excellence.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." (Aristotle)

iXSIEX iXSIEX supports and leverages emergency responders to reach the next level of training activities by sharing a common operating picture (COP) and providing situational awareness of each event in real time. From classrooms, on-site training or even interactive virtual environments, iXTROM enables emergency responders to react effectively and efficiently to all types of real life events.


iXSIEX is an innovative web-based platform built into an intelligent framework that provides interoperability benefits, cross-agency collaboration and interconnectivity among participants.

iXTROM provides an innovative framework that is flexible enough to be applied anywhere, blending virtual with real-life conditions. This innovative solution empowers emergency responders to give their best, the first time and everywhere.

Users are able to identify and analyze all actions made and applying lessons learned to their strategic and tactical training activities. This solution helps emergency response teams gather information quickly and in real time, to develop and optimize plans and ensure that all actors are well versed in their execution.

iXSIEX gives participants a common approach that fosters communication and collaboration across all disciplines. Critical information knowledge is shared collectively from planning to execution, delivering world class results when real events unfold.


International cooperation